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How to move multiple apps on iPadOS

Have you just had one of the latest iPad Airs or iPad Pro’s? If you’re setting up from new and downloading multiple app’s, you may find that moving the apps to new screens or folders tedious. In this ‘How-To’ feature, we teach you how to move multiple apps in one go.

How to Move Multiple Apps on iPadOS

  1. Enter Jiggle Mode

    Touch and hold an empty area on your iPad's Home screen until the app icons start jiggling.

    Enter Jiggle Mode
  2. Select the First App

    Tap and hold the first app you want to move, just move it slightly

    Select the First App
  3. Select Additional Apps

    While still holding the first app, use another finger to tap additional apps you want to move. The selected apps will stack under your finger.

    Select Additional Apps
  4. Move the Stack of Apps

    Drag the stack of apps to the desired location on your Home screen or to another page.

    Move the Stack of Apps
  5. Drop the Apps

    Release your finger to drop the apps in the new location.

    Drop the Apps
  6. Exit Jiggle Mode

    Press the Home button or tap 'Done' at the top-right corner of the screen to exit jiggle mode.

    Exit Jiggle Mode

Easy as that...

Each app that you tap will be stacked up with the first app that you have dragged. You can drop the apps to a new screen or a folder, whichever you prefer. 

At some point in the future, we will include a video tutorial of how this is done.

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