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Why I spent over £2,000 on the new iPad Pro M4 and don’t regret it!

iPad Pro 2024 Review...

I always used to be first in line for Apple’s latest products, be it the iPhone, MacBook or iPad. I’ve had my current 12.9″ iPad Pro M1 for a couple of years now and there is nothing wrong with it at all, battery life is good, screen quality excellent and there is no damage to it. I don’t like the keyboard cover from Apple, it makes the iPad weigh a ton.

I wasn’t overly interested in the launch from Apple on the M4 iPad’s, but the Nano Texture glass caught my eye so. I decided to take the plunge and spend some money.

Is it worth the upgrade...

If you want to save some cash, head for the original iPad Pro with the M1/M2 chip, iPads are difficult to judge when it comes to performance, we’ve got one of the original iPad Pro’s in the office and it runs perfectly. This is why we buy Apple products, they last and built to last, but the upgrades are there for those like myself if you want to pay the money out.

Over £2k for a Tablet Computer...

By the time I added 1tb of storage, nano-texture glass and cellular access (which is esim only this time), the total cost was in excess of £2k. On top of that, I opted for a standard case and the keyboard case (my old one doesn’t fit) so there is a lot of money splashed out in one go.


As with all products, they are ascetically pleasing to look at, this is Apple’s thinnest iPad yet and not only does it feel paper thin, it also feels lighter than the old iPad. It is a stunning piece of engineering and difficult to believe the power in-between the metal/glass combo sandwich.


When the display turns on, you realise why you’ve upgraded from the previous model, it’s very pleasing on the eye and you can instantly see the difference in colours, especially when playing HDR videos from the Apple TV app. 

The Nano Texture glass is amazing and gives a beautiful matt look on all applications, it is particularly pleasing when using Adobe Lightroom and editing photos.

As I have mentioned above, when it comes to speed and the latest models, you don’t tend to feel any difference, but this did actually feel quite nippy on most apps. 

My guilty pleasure is Farming Simulator 2023 and had never really noticed any jumpiness before, but running the new vs old side-by-side, the graphics are super smooth. The refresh rate of the screen helps which is now 120Hz. 

The sound is also very powerful, with deep bass really pushing through the 4-speaker set-up. In someways, you don’t actually need a bluetooth speaker set-up as the sound is perfect.

Battery life and while do my day-to-day emails using a mixture of cellular data and WiFi, it easily lasted me my 8 hour shift. When it came to faming simulator, I was pushing it at 2.5 hours and the iPad did run a little warm.

Pair With...

When it comes to the perfect iPad set-up, the usual tick boxes are Magic Keyboard, spare case, Apple Pencil and another charger.

£350 for the Magic Keyboard this time but the improvement is dramatic. Thinner and lighter making this feel like a full-time pairing with the iPad. My M1 was just too heavy, so I opted for traditional case for most tasks.

On this case the aluminium finish really made it feel like using a MacBook over an iPad. Keys are perfectly positioned with spot on key pushes.

This time I didn’t buy the Apple Pencil Pro, I’ve got the previous two generations of Apple Pencil but never really used them. I do use a mouse on occasion with the iPad but the trackpad is good enough for me when it comes to Lightroom.

Should you buy one...

£2,000 is a lot of money to fork out for a tablet, even with the specs involved. Apple really restrict what the iPad Pro M4 can do due to it only using iPadOS – I still can’t get into multi-tasking and multiple windows, so that is wasted on me.

It is a shame Apple cannot open MacOS to run on the iPad, following in the wake of Microsoft with their Surface Tablets.

Should you buy one? I’m not sure, if you don’t need the power then go for the iPad Air M2, that is still very capable. If you want the nano-texture glass, go for the iPad…

Oh sod it… Just buy one, you won’t be sorry!

iPad Air vs. iPad Pro 2024...

We’ve already tested the two models head-to-head in a recent review; iPad Air vs. iPad Pro 2024, don’t forget to give it a read by clicking the highlighted link. But what do you think? Have you got the latest model? If so, what do you think?


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