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Peak Design Leash

Peak Design Leash Camera Strap

Use the security of a seatbelt around your neck, keeps your camera safe but unleash it for when you want to go freestyle

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You probably won’t believe this, but a camera strap can form part of taking a good photo or that extra special bit of video, its important to get a strap thats comfortable but also feels safe.

I have both the Canon 5d Mk.3 and more recently the Canon M50, but I absolutely hate the Canon straps that comes with the camera.

They twist and turn which in turn causes me grief and headaches. When I want to do some freestyle shots without the strap, its everywhere and it cannot be easily removed.

I was introduced to the Peak Design Leash straps by Merv Spencer (father-in-law who is an amazing photographer). He has used the straps for at least 2-3 weddings a week, per year. So knows a few things about comfort and usability.

Amazon was my next stop, but I didn’t want the ultra thick seatbelt style straps that Peak Design do, I wanted something a little thinner for the Canon M50.

So at £34.99 and next day delivery with my Prime membership, the straps arrived.

My main appeal to these were that they could be easily detached from the camera, so that I could use the camera for a few quick video shots. They have a red wear band to tell you when they need replacing, but the box does contain 4.

The straps are nice and comfortable and unlike the Canon inclusions, does not get tangled so easily. They do thick or thin, but as yet nothing in between.

They also do a few colours, I opted for Charcoal, but their are Ash options on the thinner straps and Red/Blue on the thicker ones.

For £34.99 (correct a the time of writing) – These straps are great to use on a day to day basis, easy to disconnect the camera and more importantly very comfortable. Well worth £35 quid.

Peak Design Leash Overview...

An extremely durable and quick connecting camera strap for all camera types. Purchase multiples and interchange the camera straps, easily work out when the connector tabs need replacing.

Overall an impressive camera accessory that would suit photographers, vloggers and more.


We’ve not been paid to write this review by Peak Design or Amazon, we have simply purchased these items for day-to-day use with our photography and videography work. They were recommended by my Dad-in-law; Merv Spencer who is also not endorsed in any way for recommendations. We may receive a small commission, should you purchase anything by clicking links on this website.


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