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NikID Trainers

NikeID Trainers designed by Rhys Adams

Let your feet do the talking

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NikeID Trainers Review...

I love being myself and I love clothes that no one else wears, yes this is a bloke writing this blog piece and not a lady! But blokes can like clothes and shopping to can’t they? Anyway I do and I like to be different!

Even when the first inkjet transfer paper came out, I would design my own logos to go on to cheap Primark t-shirts. These things didn’t last long, a couple of washes and the design was peeling off, but I used to love the attention these t-shirts got me.

Take a step forward Nike ID…


Now Nike have had Nike ID for a while now, but I’ve never been in the position to afford them. You have a few options, at certain places you can have your foot modeled and a pair of trainers designed for your specific feet, well thats the internals sorted but what about the exterior design…

Well this is also down to you… You can choose from a set colour palette of what colour you want the soles to be, the colour of the laces and so on. As you can see from the photo, I designed my pair to stand out. Please bear in mind that these are used for running and not for everyday wear, but people can choose colours that will blend in to everyday life.

I went for the 5.0’s, these trainers are like wearing a pair of slippers, so light yet so bloody comfortable. The design process is pretty easy online, easier in one of the nike stores when the members of staff help out.

Overall I am very pleased with the trainers, I just hope as long as the pairs of trainers that have cost me £30.00!

What can you do with them...

The trainers will take one of the Nike Plus bluetooth chips that will talk to the built in app on your iPhone or most iPods. That way you can monitor your run pretty easily once you’ve managed to calibrate it.

The chip costs approx. £20.00 and the app just needs switching on in your settings menu.

What would go well with them...

Either the Nike Fuelband that we reviewed – or better still the Jawbone Up again, which we reviewed!


Nope… We’ve got no affiliated with Nike and have not been paid to do this review. Its simply been written for the love of gadgets, clothes and this website.

We do need to point out, that should you click on any of the links on this page/website, we may receive a small kickback. Just being honest!


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