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New Copilot+ Windows PC’s announced by Microsoft

Microsoft Copilot+ Windows PC

Today, Microsoft announced the launch of the latest Windows PCs with integrated hardware for AI. The Microsoft Copilot+ PCs are the fastest PCs ever built and comes with battery life that will last all day.

AI at the centre...

With “AI at the center”, there are a number of new experiences that can be ran directly on the Windows PC, this helps cut down latency as well as increased privacy.


Recall is a sort of search system that gives the PC a ‘photographic memory’ – It can recall anything that the PC has been seen or completed on the PC. Content will be located using timelines across any application, website or document.


By utisiling text prompts, Co-creator can be used to generate new images using the nural processing units of the PC. 

Restyle Image...

This function allows you to restyle and image, create images or edit a photo. Pre-set styles can be used to change or remove backgrounds, add items in foregrounds or make changes to the whole image or photo.

Live Captions...

Live captions are used and can support live translations turning any audio that passes through the computer into English captions in realtime and across all applications. This can be used for live or pre-recorded audio from video platforms.

Quick Settings...

In Windows Studio Effects and utising the quick settings, you have options to clean up videos with automatic image adjustments.

AI Powered...

It has been confirmed all Copilot+ PCs include a powerful AI agent that can be accessed via one-tap. It will use the latest verison of OpenAI’s GPT-4o.

It is claimed by Microsoft that the new Copilot+ PCs will outperform the latest 15-inch MacBook Air by 58%.

The new PCs are available from today, we will review these at a future date.


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