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Moda Canon Cycle

Moda Canon Cycle

So good, I had to buy one!

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I was lucky enough to review the Moda Canon Mountain bike earlier on this year, lent to me by Bike Pedlars of Retford. The bike was truly amazing, not just a great looking bike but so easy and comfortable to ride also.

The bike is mainly built of carbon fibre parts, American Classic, tubeless compatible wheels and a few other bits to go with it. The bike is nice and light also. Chris Rider of Bike Pedlars set the bike up for me, this included adjusting all of the suspension on the bike.

My first proper outing was at the Bike Pedlars event at Hardwick Hall, with the gears set perfectly I leisurely rode around the grounds coming in second to last, well thats what I thought anyway.

Not only did I buy this bike because of what it was, I also bought it because of the service that was provided to me by the guys there. Thanks again and hope to be back soon!



We were not paid by Bike Pedlars of Retford to write this post or the review. However, we are friends of the owners and the bike review was based on the experience of our demo time with the unit.

We would just like to point out that if you were to click on one of the links on this page, we may receive a small commission.


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