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Microsoft Announces new xBox models

Arriving Soon… a white version of the xBox Series X and will be available with 1tb of storage and will be available from around £450, whilst there is no official date it should arrive sometime in 2024.

But… It is missing one huge feature that we currently love about the current xBox Series X – The physical disk drive! This might be okay for those who like to purchase and download their games to get that instant hit, but we love heading to our local game stores and touching and feeling plastic cases.

xBox Series X Galaxy Edition

Along with the xBox Series X in white (digital only) there has been a new xBox Series X 2tb Galaxy Black Special Edition and we love the design…

Whilst all of the spec remains the same as the current xBox Series X the storage has been upgraded to a 2TB SSD and has been ‘decorated’ with a beautiful design apparently drawing inspiration from constellations and the spirit of exploration and adventure in outer space… Who knew?

Pricing will be around £600 and again, will be out sometime in 2024.

Finally... xBox Series S in Robot White

Last year Microsoft announced the 1TB version of the Series S in Carbon Black, whilst we were tempted we love our white gadgets. So now it is available in Robot White and the 1TB SSD.

Pricing will be around the £350 mark and appear sometime in 2024.



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