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Mercedes C220 CDi AMG Line Saloon Auto (2015 Model)

Mercedes-Benz C CLass in Silver (2015 Model)

Oh lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz...

Tech Specs...

Options on this car...

What we love...

What we don't love...

First time I ever went in a Mercedes when I was 12 years old, I was in Essen in Germany and my uncle Gunther was showing us the sights of the city, I remember how comfortable I was sat in the back and wondered why he changed gear, when it was automatic.

It was almost hypnotic watching him change from 1st, to 2nd to Drive and wondered why he just hadn’t gone for a manual car, but I know now, that when it comes to Mercedes, Manual’s just aren’t PC.

I’ve personally owned a couple of Mercedes over the years, my favourite being a 1983 280 CD Pillarless coupe, now those who are reading this, now probably think that I’m in my mid 50’s, but I’m not. I am literally 34 years old. Yet this car was one of the best I have even owned, despite its age, it came with electric windows, electric sunroof and a pigeon found out that, this old car had even got ABS braking, it saved that bird’s life!

The 2nd car I had that was Mercedes, was a 57 plate C Class saloon, I didn’t have it for long, as I’d got the wrong engine, it was a little under powered for my liking. That aside, it was one of the most comfortable cars I have ever owned.

First Thoughts...

The new shape C class, isn’t as mean looking as the old model, it has very obvious curves especially the back end, I’m not sure if I love that or hate it. But its down to personal taste at the end of the day. The silver has come from the older models, it looks good and I’m not a massive silver fan. This is the AMG Line, so I’m not convinced that the cheaper models won’t look as good as this.

Whats it like inside...

Internally, the car looks smart. Artico leather seats, black gloss dashboard (complete with delivery driver finger prints) and some strange looking dials in the middle. Sitting in the car, my first thought is where is the gearstick. But for some reason, modern Merc’s now have this located on the steering column, definitely not to my taste but does free up the centre console.

The entertainment system has lots of options and the dial in the middle, makes it look a little complicated, but with a little bit of playing around, its easy enough to work out. The main black section on the top, needs to be treated like a trackpad on a laptop then the dial is for spinning, ideal for letter selection.

The screen is clear enough, looks like a bit of an afterthought but is ideally placed to see when driving. Pairing your phone is easy enough and music can be streamed via bluetooth.

There is plenty of leg room in the back and is comparable to the new 3 series that we will also be reviewing soon.

Gadgets are the important bits...

So this car has got a few gadgets, first of all, its been cold outside recently so the heated seats were the first things activated, these can blisteringly hot and need to be turned down pretty soon after switching on.

The entertainment system, as touched on before offers plenty of options. There is also an option to change the driving style of the car, this has a few different modes including comfort, eco and sport. It changes things like thottle response, gear changes and even the air conditioning settings. It always reverts back to comfort when the ignition has switched off.

On the roads...

First thing is first, I cannot stand stop start in an automatic car, as you are about to pull out of a junction, the engine cuts, then restarts and judders off, just in the nick of time. This car is no exception, however this can be switched off, which defeats the “Eco” points of this car.

However, this car is a breeze to drive and is so comforting on the roads, every bump feels like a gentle stroke and its nippy, getting away after going past the kick down switch on the accelerator. Cornering is something else, I stupidly decided to try and go onto a slip road, around a tight bend, over taking a car at the same time. It was as though I was on rails, bloody brilliant.

Overall Feel...

The Mercedes C Class is a beautiful car, I can’t wait to drive some of the bigger brothers in the Mercedes range. Its comfortable, nippy, yet economical. I got 50mpg on both country roads and city driving, with a blast down the M1 to finish with.

I love the gadgets on board, yet they can be a pain to get used to. Its suppose to be a quick process once you learn the ropes, yet I couldn’t feel that and felt it was a little bit of a Faff!

Would I Buy One...

I would definitely consider it, I know my father in law would straight away, he is a Mercedes man through and through. They are reasonable as well, Mercedes-Benz are throwing money at them in terms of personal and business. They are very cheap on long term leasing and not too bad on Short Term Leasing.


This Mercedes C Class had been loaned to me by Cocoon Vehicles Ltd. We do have an affiliate scheme and relationship with this company and Short Term Car Leasing Ltd so want to make everyone aware. However, all reviews are simply written as a hobby and on this review no payments have been crossed between us and/or Cocoon.


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