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Is the New Beats Pill on it’s way?

Daniel Ricciardo carrying latest Beats Pill portable speaker ahead of launch

According to reports from MacRumors recently, the latest Beats Pill speaker is extremely close to being launched, this is after the device apparently showed up in the FCC database, which usually indicates that these could be available to purchase in the not to distant future.

Beats Pill Speaker Spotted...

It looks like Apple has already trying to do a little bit of ‘brand awareness’ when it comes to the Beats Pill speaker after a number of celebrities and sports starts have been spotted carrying it. These include football star Lionel Messi, F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and celeb Kim Kardashion.

Whats new...

Whilst no official details have been publicised on the latest Beats Pill speaker, it is still going to be ‘pill=shaped’ similar to the previous model. This version is suspected to have a lanyard for easy carrying and the colours may include black, gold and red. Images of the latest Pill were spotted when iOS 17.5 beta was being tested.

What we will see is USB-C charging which will match the latest Apple products, improved Bluetooth connectivity and audio quality and a 10 hour battery life.


Keep checking back on Gadget Geek Boy for our latest reviews, as soon as this product is launched we will give you the lowdown. We’re very excited!

Images of the latest Beats Pill Speaker 2024 in Black, Gold and Red.


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