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Galaxy Note 9 Rumours

We can’t wait to get our grubby little hands on the Samsung Note 9, but what are the features on the rumour mill so far...

Galaxy Note 9...

So the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumours are really hotting up and the South Korean manufacturer has even demonstrated an unbreakable OLED panel, so this stylus equipped device is becoming hotter than a smouldering Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung launch event will take place on the 9th August 2018 in good Old New York City, as with previous models it should be ready to purchase the month after.

The price tag may be the sticking point with this device, although thousands, including myself paid well over £1k for the iPhone X, so will people be willing to pay £900 plus for the new Note 9.

At the moment the rumours are pointing the device to be an inflated Samsung Galaxy S9, smaller bezels on the horizon especially the bottom area.

Launch colours of the device so far include Black, Grey Violet, Blue and Brown, some are quoting Teddy Brown – Although not one person has confirmed this as yet. Networks may get exclusive colours as they have done before.

Dual Sim versions seem unlikely with the major networks, but as we have seen recently, the S9 could be purchased Sim Free, as Dual Sim.

Rumours state that the Galaxy Note 9 will have the same AMOLED screen as the Note 8 with a resolution of 2906 x 1440, claims on the horizon inc. a quote of a 6.38″ display.

On board chips should be the same as the S9 also, being the Exynos 9810 chip and memory should gain an extra 2gb on the Note 8, with 8gb of onboard RAM.

A 4,400 mAh battery should give you all day access to all the normal channels, especially if you are glued to your phone like most people are nowadays.

So do we think Samsung will add a triple camera? or stick with the 2x like the S9. It would be nice to see 2 colur cameras and a momochrome like Huawei’s P20 Pro which we adore.

So, fingerprint sensor or face recognition? Maybe a little bit of both from what the whispers are saying. With the fingerprint sensor actually being in the screen area and not the back, as it is currently.

Finally, we’ve heard that the stylus would be bluetooth enabled for better connectivity with the display.

What would you like to see from the Samsung Note 9? Add your comments below…


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