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Car Subscriptions

You subscribe to your telly, so why not take a car subscription...

UK Car Subscription Services...

Why would I want one?

Just think back to the old days, we used to buy CD’s and store them on beautiful IKEA towers in A-Z, we used to buy and keep hundreds of DVD’s ready to watch again and again, we had bookshelves full of, you guessed it books!

This day in age, things have changed. Just take a look at my bank statements, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Kindle Purchases, App Purchases…

Effectively we don’t own anything nowadays, we rent it. Yet in our mind we still have the items and occasionally we want to show these off.

So lets flip this to cars, there are loads of ways of getting a new car. We go to a dealer, we choose a pretty colour with some gadgets and then we agree how to pay for it. This can be a Hire Purchase, a Personal Contract Purchase or more recently a Car Lease.

But have you ever considered subscribing to a car?

Well more and more companies are offering a Car Subscription service, where you take a car which can include the rental, maintenance, road tax and roadside assistance and when you don’t need it, you simply pause it. Want to upgrade you car, no issue. Want to downgrade your car, again no problem at all.

Even BMW UK Group have partnered with Drover to offer its Mini and BMW products on a monthly subscription basis, prices start from £562 per month (correct as of July 2018) for a Mini Cooper 3dr Hatchback  but this rental does include insurance as well.

For a comparison, at the time of writing Flexigo Cars UK are offering a Mini Hatchback Cooper II 5dr at £430.80 per month, whilst this doesn’t include insurance we managed to get prices for this car at just £35 per month (Aged 35, no driving convictions, DE24 postcode, No previous accidents, male driver).

Even Volvo are jumping on the back of car subscriptions starting with its flagship Volvo XC40 model and eventually its Polestar performance range.

So lets get the facts right on these car subscriptions…

Firstly, you do require a credit check and it needs to be satisfactory, there are companies such as Cocoon Vehicles, Short Term Car Leasing Ltd and Subscribe & Drive who do offer Non-status leasing. But you may pay a little extra or you may need to put a refundable deposit down.

Secondly, the cars are generally new or nearly new. When we enquired with Drover they had got cars as old as 2015 on their website but their are newer models available. The price you first see displayed on the website is for a minimum term of 12 months, however, this is suppose to be flexible.

Thirdly, Watch the mileage. The quotes we obtained from Drover were for 800 miles per month, not a huge amount. On the flipside Flexigo Cars UK and Cocoon, gave at least 1,000 miles with BMW 3 series available with a whopping 1,500 miles per month.

Are Car Subscriptions the future?

There are plenty of people out there who want to be in the latest car and not have the hassle of servicing or even how much the vehicle will lose over the time, taking a car subscription seems to be a great option for those who don’t want to commit or like to change their cars often.


This article has been written by ourselves and we have not been paid to write or mention any of the companies within this blog post. But if you click on some of the links within this website, we may receive a small commission.

Photo provided by Pixabay – Click Link for Details.


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