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BMW X5 40d M Sport

2012 BMW X5 in White

Better than expected...

Tech Specs...

  • Engine Size: 2993cc
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • 0-62mph: 5.9 Seconds
  • Top Speed: Approx. 147 mph
  • Power: 313ps
  • Fuel Economy: 47.1mpg (Combined
  • GadgetGeek Fuel: 23.6mpg (72 miles)

Options on this car...

  • Professional Navigation
  • Remote Tailgate Release
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Electrically adjustable tilt/slide panoramic glass sunroof
  • Adaptive headlights including high beam assist

What we love...

What we don't love...

BMW X5 40d M Sport 5dr Auto Review...

My Grandad had an old Land Rover Series 3! BFM something something something L – It was cold to be in, had moss growing in the window gaps and its air conditioning consisted of a vent that opened at the front! Yet I loved that car and it was the first car I really ever drove around fields.

4×4’s seem to be the latest want at the moment, everyone seems to either want the big cars like the Range Rover or the X3/5’s or the crossovers like the Nissan Juke or the Audi Q3 but they are getting pretty good and luxury wise there are some brilliant models out there, which leads me to the BMW X5 40d.

First Thoughts...

Big, bulky and its not got a Land Rover badge. Yet opening the doors and jumping in the wagon, and you get a sense that you are in something a little better than a Range Rover Sport or a Mercedes G Wagon. The switch geer looks cheap, but feels pretty solid. The seats are more comfortable than the Land Rover’s and line of sight is pretty good.

The engine seems quiet when the ignition is on, however this car has already done 150 miles today ust to get to my office. Taking it around the block and it feels very sturdy on the roundabouts, 4 of them in total in the 5 mile run. Before heading back to base to have a few photos done with it.

Whats it like inside...

The leather feels quality, the seats comfortable and the whole car feels roomy. The panoramic roof helps make the car feel bright and airy, I really like the options on this car but dread to think how much it would all cost.

The gadgets are good, with a nice clear screen for the sat nav and plenty of media options including cable to iPod, Bluetooth streaming and optional online entertainment.

In the boot there is plenty of space and there is an option to have 7 seats, having one of these for the short school run has got to be cooler than the likes of the old Ford Galaxy’s or VW Tourans.

Gadgets are the important bits...

The BMW has the standard iDrive system, this one hads the pro version with a beautifully clear HD screen. There are options within the system to have Online Entertainment via Napster or Deezer at £160 for the year, Internet Access at £85 per annum and a few of the traffic features. The dial for iDrive is also like a touch pad, in that you can write the letter on top for it to be displayed on the screen.

The BMW X5 has the different modes available, From Sport without Traction control, to standard sport, to comfort and of course Economy. When it the latter, it tells you on the screen roughly how many miles you have saved on that tank of fuel, when you top the tank up with fuel, it actually resets it whether you fill it up or you put a fiver in.

I downloaded the BMW connected app as well, and a number of options were displayed on screen. I could control Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music all from the screen but for the cost of a £55 optional cable! Sounds expensive and it is!

On the roads...

Having went on a 72 mile round trip, we hit dual carrigeways, the motorway and some country lanes to get the car dirty. The weather was icy, so I wanted to push the X5 a little. I wanted the whole car to slip and slide, however the car handled really well.

The pickup of acceleration is really very good for a car this size and have never noticed the same sensation within a Range Rover with a similar sized engine. Slam the anchors on and the car does come to a well earned stop! Its as though you are driving a smaller car, yet this thing is massive and you notice the size more when you go and park up at Costa Coffee for a ‘note taking’ break.

We got just over 23 mpg, but we were giving the car some stick. Messing around with the flappy paddle gearbox and going in and out of sport mode.

Overall Feel...

I repeat myself quite a bit but I’m not a BMW fan, yet this car is comfortable, it handles like a car yet its capable with some off road driving. I wouldn’t want to take this thing up to Ible in the Peak District, however I still felt very confident.

Its comfortable, so bloody comfortable and the heated seats on this extremely cold day certainly helped. Fuel economy is just about right for a vehicle of this size and I suppose you could save some fuel by going for the 30d, over the 40d. Performance is fantastic and this thing hits 70 before you know it and its effortless.

Would I Buy One...

These cars are not cheap, but the Residual Value of an X5 can be pretty good. There are plenty of leasing deals around for the 30d at the £450-500 per month figure but I wouldn’t recommend buying one for cash. Short Term Leasing, you can get one for about £995 + VAT for the 30d and £1195 plus VAT for the 40d, might be worth having one for 3 months to help you decide.

I’d probably get one of these over a Range Rover, and thats a bigh thing for me to admit!


I own a company called Cocoon Vehicles Ltd, they offer car subscriptions, flexible car leases and short-term car leases. I used one of the vehicle to do this review as my hobby.


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