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Apple releases iOS 11.4 update

iOS 11.4 update...

As we get ever closer to iOS 12 and of course, the WWDC, Apple has released a further update to the iOS 11 series.

In many ways its quite an important update and fixes the “Black Dot’ issue thats been effecting quite a few devices over the last few months.

iOS4 adds quite a few welcomed additions, this includes the stereo pairing for HomePods, if you own more than one. It also includes storing iMessages in iCloud.

The three main areas include:

AirPlay 2...

If you’ve got a set of AirPlay 2 enabled speakers, you can now control your home audio systems and play music on multiple AP2 speakers in your house and all nicely synchronised.

Control Centre is the main area for controlling AirPlay 2 speakers, but you can also do this in-app if you want to. Want to take a call, no issue, it will no longer interupt your music.

Messages in iCloud...

If you are one of those people who opted for the small capacity iPhone but you’ve got plenty of iCloud space, then you will love iMessages in Cloud!

It allows you to store messages, photos and attachments in iCloud and frees up that vital space on your iOS device. It also synchronises from device to device, so as soon as you sign into a new iPhone or iPad, all your messages appear.

Another bonus is that it syncs like your email! Delete a message from one, it deletes it from all.

HomePod Stereo Pairing...

Have you got more than one HomePod, I didn’t think so! Especially not with the latest Sonos speaker pairings.

But should you have a couple knocking around the manor, then the latest update allows stereo pairing. The device actually senses its location in the room and balances the audio out magically.

All they need to do now is allow full control of Spotify and we’re sold.

Other Bug Fixes…

There are various bug fixes, the most important is the black dot issue. It also fixes an issue with logging on to Google Drive or Docs.

There are some updates for teachers and the iBooks app, a fix for the health app, an issue that causes an incorrect location to appear on the home screen and an issue I’ve experienced which is bluetooth/USB streaming from my Iphone to my car.

I’ve included a video from one of my favourite YouTubers to explain more…


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