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Apple brings back UK Financing Options

Apple offers some of the best ways to finance your next iPhone, iPad or MacBook...

So last month Apple removed all financing options from the UK version of their website, no explanation, it just vanished.

However, shoppers in the UK now have the option to spread the cost of their purchases with 2 different options.

If you spend over £399 with Apple, you can opt for the Barclays 0% options and spread the cost over 12 months. If 12 months isn’t long enough and you don’t mind paying some interest, Paypal offer an alternative solution for purchases over £99.

PayPal credit enables you to spread the cost over 24 months and charges 14.9% APR. If you can, it looks best to opt for the Barclays solution.

We aren’t quite sure why Apple removed the option from their website last month, but lots of different websites are making massive changes due to the new GDPR rules that are due to come into effect shortly.


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