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Alcatel Y800 One Touch Mobile WiFi on 4GEE

Alcatel Y800 One Touch Mobile WiFi on 4GEE

Get a 4G connection wherever you are in the UK, so long as there is a mast of course and a 4G signal...

What we love...

What we don't love...

There was a time when I was dying to get some sort of connection between my laptop and my phone, I tried all sort’s, starting with the old Nokia 2110 and a dial up connection, Nokia 6110 and a serial connection, then moving onto a Motorola Timeport with GPRS connection.

The first real standalone connection I had was from T-Mobile and a 3G PCMCIA connection, I did try a few Nokia cards before this but with little success. The card was brilliant, as I could finally work from just about anywhere, so long as I wasn’t moving.

Times have moved on, from that trusty PCMCIA card, which may I add, I have still got somewhere, I went to a USB dongle before Three introduced me to the world of MiFi’s, now enter the 4G

Build and Design...

This MiFi is the size of a phone, its bloody huge compared to my trusty 3 MiFi, which only connects to 3G. But the deal from EE seems pretty fair.

At the time of printing, for just under £40, you get 3gb of data that comes with the MiFi. The battery doesn’t last that long but a charger helps keep it topped up.

The design is nothing special but at the end of the day, its a MiFi and not the latest iPhone 5.


Not really applicable on this section, but it does come with a display to show signal, what sort of network the MiFi is connected to and of course battery life. Not much else to be fair…

However you can login to its portal to change settings such as WiFi network name, etc.

Operating System and Apps...

Apps are not needed here, but operating system might be, it depends on what you want to use it for and how to use it.

If it was me, I’d just set it up, connect your devices to the WiFi network it produces and away you go…

Performance and Speed...

When you’ve got full 4G signal, as tested in the DE24 area, we were getting 20mb download and 10mb upload, which is amazing for this area. But beware, at these sort of speeds, your data doesn’t last long and by the time I had done some work, uploaded some files, by 3gb was depleted and I was topping it up.

Performance wise this unit is pretty good, I’m looking forward to seeing the results of a 3 version of this and hopefully something a lot smaller.

Battery Life Thru The Day...

Doesn’t last the day, maybe 5 hours at the most depending on how many devices you connect to it, but make sure you keep that charger handy.

Would I Swap it for my iPhone...

I’d have it as well as my iPhone silly!


We are not connected with Alcatel or EE and have actually purchased this unit from Tesco. No money has changed hands on writing this review or by recommedning this or any other products on this website. Its simply written for the love of gadgets. Please be aware that by clicking on some, not all of the links, on this website may result in us receiving a small commission if you were to purchase anything.


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