I know I will probably receive a lot of hate (e)mail for this one, especially from Black Cabbies but Uber can be an absolute Godsend…

My wife always says that arriving at a new destination is the period called “The first 48 hours…” – This is where we’ve done quite a bit of travelling, we’ve arrived in a foreign place and my stress levels are high.

I feel on absolute high alert, I feel that everyone from the people at passport control to the taxis waiting at the terminal are at me or trying to rip me off in someway, I do have experience of this, especially Taxi Drivers, which is why I use Uber (or Lyft).

One of my experiences was Paris, landing at Charles De Gaulle Airport for a meeting. It was quite late at night and I’d already been in the taxi queue for a good 30 minutes. One taxi driver pulled up in his battered old VW Touran and asked myself and 3 others where in the city we were going.

This is where it went wrong, he said that he would take all 4 of us and it would work out cheaper… Off we go.. 1st person dropped off, €15 and he paid, 2nd person dropped off, meter said €40 the guy getting out paid €25.

The third persons destination arrived and the meter said €75 so the person paid €35. This third person, did say to me, make sure you only pay the difference.

So here I was after another 15 minute trek around Paris and I arrive at my hotel. The meter clearly displaying €90 and guess what, the taxi driver insisted I paid the €90. After arguing with him and now getting threatened by the Police, this taxi driver’s English got much worse and I got a lot of French abuse.

No good, I had to pay the €90 – The notice clearly said whatever was on the meter, was the price I had to pay. Ripped off!

Now this is where Uber comes in, when you get to the airport, request a car. You can then follow the route to the destination. If you think they are deviating then its simple, you report the trip at the end and Uber gives you a credit.

Its a fantastic app wherever you are in the world, for work or just for travelling. Well worth it, especially after my experience.

What about the other 8....

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