The Top 9 - Number 1


Firstly, let me apologise! Tripadvisor does seem to be Number 1 in most of the Travel App articles, but there are very good reasons for this.

Most of the reviews are from real people and it really does give you an indication of what a place is like to eat, stay or activities to do.

Some top tips for you…

  1. Always look at travellers photographs when viewing a hotel or property. Professional photos look great but there have been occasions where I’ve seen these, booked a place, turned up and its nothing like the pics.
  2. Don’t take for granted those who have just reviewed one place, they may have been paid to write the review or influenced.
  3. Read the reviews of somewhere before making a judgement. There are plenty of reviews on Tripadviser where they are knocking the hotel down on stars because the weather was bad.
  4. Don’t book your experiences through TripAdviser, they take a commission. You can usually book locally cheaper, or have a look on Google.
  5. Review the places you’ve been, be honest, be critical, but where needed, give praise. People are quick to review somewhere when they’ve had a bad experience, its very nice to hear from customers when you’ve had a good one.

Yep, download it and find somewhere to stay, eat sleep or do with this great app.

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What about the other 8....

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