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Number 9

Google Trips...

If you’ve got a Gmail account or maybe you’ve got a G Suite Subscription for work or home, then Google Trips is a must even if its just train tickets you purchase.

By utilising your Google Account, the Google Trips app wuill search your inbox for rservations for hotels, trains, planes, automobiles (hire cars) and much more. Then puts it in to a friendly and easy to use order.

For instance… I may have just booked my flights through EasyJet (Other airlines available), my hotel through Expedia (Of course, other hotel booking sites available) and my car hire through Hertz (Yep, other car hire firms are available). Then say that my destination was Berlin…

I then creates me a “trip” to Berlin. I click on the lovely photograph that Google has chosen for me and it gives me a breakdown of all of my reservations including links through to the email bookings themself, as well as categories such as Things to do, Day Plans, Discounts available, Food & Drink.

You can then easuily scour the categories and save the places you want to go to, which of course will be catogorised under “Saved Places.”

You can also download the local guides so that you can use the information offline, which is really handy if you are in a location that doesn’t give you roaming rights or charge you silly rates.

Well worth a download!

Screenshot of the Google Trips App showing Trip Summary
Google Trips App Screenshot showing reservations
Screenshot of Google Trips app showing Day Trips
Google Trips App showing things to do
Google Trips App SHowing Saved Places
Google Trips App showing Flight and Hotel Information

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