Jason Lanier Photography

Number 5

Jason Lanier...

Yes I know its another Photography YouTuber but sometimes the technology that these guys use to produce their work blows me away. We all know modern photography is about the kit in the hand and on the desktop, but you’ve got to have an eye for photography as well.

So Jason Lanier has a very different approach to YouTube videos… Its very laid back, very natural but addictive. I have learnt so much from this guy since I’ve been watching his episodes.

Jason Lanier also runs a number of workshops, mainly concentrated in the USA but he does travel worldwide including the UK. I will attaned one of his workshops one day.

Subscribe and watch a few of his videos, especially if you are a budding photographer. This guy has gone from working in the Hotel industry for Marriott to being a very well respected photographer.

What about the other 8....

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