Timelapse HD Camera App

Timelapse Camera HD App for iPhone

Timelapse HD Camera App Review...

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Timelapse Camera HD App for iPhone

Timelapse HD Camera App Review...

I always wanted to do something with Timelapse and Animation when growing up, my first attempt was in 2000 when I got myself a Logitech Webcam. It came with a piece of software that you could take a frame by frame photo to make your own cartoon.

Since then technology has progressed and now there are hundreds of pieces of software available to do this yourself. With the arrival and growth of smartphones and app’s there has been another way of doing these animations really quick.

Here at Gadget Geek Boy we have experimented with quite a few of these applications from various providers, but the Cateater version is by far our favourite…


Timelapse HD Camera by Cateater is nice and easy to use, it costs £1.99 to download from the App Store on your iPhone and I always say that a lot of the paid for programs are better and less add driven than the freebies.

This app is nice and easy to use, all you need to do is click the plus symbol on the first screen, the shutter comes down and the camera activates. To change the settings, click on the cog to the right of the record button. This allows you to change various options from the interval, camera settings such as auto focus, start and finish times, duration times, output times and so on.

This app is quite battery hungry, so if you can leave your iPhone or iPad plugged in whilst your using this, then do so. Also divert your calls to email, I noticed that when I received a call in it crashed the app and lost my video.

Once you have recorded your video, you can edit the video directly on the app including adding music and cutting frames. You could just save the video to your Camera Roll and use the iMovie app to edit.

The application will also let you send your finished Timelapse video to YouTube, Facebook and even iTunes.

For the money this is really good value and I would recommend it, I’ve knocked the rating down due to the amount of times the app crashed and the fact that the keyboard cannot be minimised when typing in important bits.

Additional Information...

Cateater do a number of different applications for the iPhone and iPad, which are along the similar lines. I like this version as it works well with the iPad and its easy sharing options.

Keep an eye out on the Apple Store fro special offers on this application.


We have no conenction with the makers of this App whatsoever and have not been paid to write this blog piece. We have written it as we enjoy it. But if you do click on some of the links within this website, we may receive a small commission.

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