New Range Rover 3.0 SDV6 Vogue 5dr Auto

Range Rover Review

Range Rover 3.0 SDV6 Vogue 5dr Auto Review...

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``£80k for a car its got to be worth it...``

Range Rover Review

Tech Specs...

  • Engine Size: 2993cc
  • Gearbox: 8 Speed Auto
  • 0-62mph: 7.4 Seconds
  • Top Speed: Approx. 130 mph limited.
  • Power: 258ps at 4000 rpm
  • Fuel Economy: 37.7mpg (Combined)
  • GadgetGeek Fuel: 22mpg (150 miles)

Options on this car...

  • TBC
  • Tracker Pro Locate

What we love...

  • So so so comfortable
  • Love the gadgets
  • Love the car!

What we don't love...

  • Ouch… its expensive
  • Ouch… it drinks fuel
  • Ouch… It loses money quick

Range Rover 3.0 SDV6 Vogue 5dr Auto Review...

Land Rovers’ heritage goes a long way back in history and the Range Rover came out in the 70’s, first time I ever went in one was pre-92 and my grandad drove one as a courtesy car whilst his Series III Land Rover was in having some work done.

Range Rovers have always advertised a sense of luxury, but there have been models in the past that I’ve got to be honest, I could not see the luxurious side. I think the first instance of gadgets from this car was when I saw Mr Noel Edmunds raise and lower the suspension.

I’ve driven a few modern Range Rovers over the years, from the Range Rover Sport, the the big 4.4 SDV8 Westminster version and of course I’ve owned, and still own a Range Rover Evoque.

Comfort and Gadgets is important and the new lightweight aluminum body makes a huge difference to the drive, with the car now loosing the “floppyness” on the corners…

First Thoughts...

Land Rover have gone for a very modern, Evoque look on the car which having spoken to Land Rover at the Motor Show in Geneva is paying off with plenty of pre-orders in the bag.

From the LED puddle lights to the beautiful sweeping back end this car will stand out amongst others, finally putting the X5 back in its place (although a new one of those is coming out shortly).

The model we were driving wasn’t the top of the range version and was missing various options (that I would order) such as Privacy Glass and larger Alloys, only a small let down. I also like the look of the centre console that stretches right back to the rear seats, although of course this makes it a 4 seater.

Whats it like inside...

Oh My God! The Leather on the seats was so soft and subtle to touch, sliding your arse across the seats is an ultimate pleasure. Believe me I am not getting turned on here, its just the ultimate in comfort factor. How the hell did Land Rover drum up such a fantastic consistency of softness and comfort at the same time.

The centre console feels huge on this vehicle, with the rising gear stick on the right hand side and a few of the switches for suspension, terrain response, etc below that. Climate control buttons feel very sturdy and quality, and the screen crystal clear, especially compared to my Evoque.

In the rear, leg room is amazing. This version comes as a five seater but you can have a four seater with the console going all the way through, this latter option includes 4 zone climate control and the usual options of rear entertainment system are also available.

Gadgets are the important bits...

The options on this vehicle are really good, the screen is very clear with options for the Satellite Navigation, Media Centre and a few off road settings. Certain models have the Surround Camera System which is great but if you owned this car, very rarely used.

The suspension has different height adjustments depending on your needs, although Normal ride height is selected if the car suspects that you are driving quicker, even when you lock it.

The terrain response is an improved version of the one found on the discovery. There are modes for different weather conditions including snow, mud rut selection and gravel tracks. I didn’t get to try any of these out except the Dynamic, but to be honest apart from a firmer suspension, there wasn’t much difference.

On the roads...

I always found the Range Rover a bit wallowey, especially on corners. The BMW X5, although not my favourite car felt like it was on tracks when cornering hard, the original range rover not so.

This however was much better, the ride was stiffer and the Land Rover rep said that the computers can make adjustments to individual suspension arms within milliseconds.

The pickup on this engine was great and the new gearbox was quite responsive. MPG was nothing to write home about, but then you don’t buy a range rover and worry about the amount of fuel you stick into it, do you?

Overall Feel...

I love this car, so much of an improvement over the old version, Land Rover have done themselves proud. Repeating myself a little here, but the leather is amazing and the seats so comfortable.

The car has an options list as long as my arm, but some of which you may think “yeah I’d love that” but you need to ask yourself if you are going to use it or not? Things such as the camera system, the TV system in the front?

Land Rover are going to do great with this new Range Rover, well built and very luxurious.

Would I Buy One...

Starting just below the £80k mark, its a lot of money. The autobiography models can reach well over £100,000 and drop like a brick the minute you drive it off the forecourt!

Depends on what the car is going to be used for, looking at things like the Short Term Leasing option isn’t a bad start. These cars can be driven from about £2000 + VAT per 28 days, which when you work out the loss on depreciation isn’ too bad.


This Range Rover had been loaned to me by Cocoon Vehicles Ltd. We do have an affiliate scheme and relationship with this company and Short Term Car Leasing Ltd so want to make everyone aware. However, all reviews are simply written as a hobby and on this review no payments have been crossed between us and/or Cocoon.

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