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Samsung Galaxy S4 launching 14th March 2013

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So Samsung has announced the Samsung Galaxy S4, but will it make me put my iPhone 5 in a drawer with all of the other phones I own? I loved the Galazy S3, I loved the size of it, I love going from page to page and the widgets on the home screen.

But there is still something after all this time that makes me want to keep hold of the iPhone, yet sometimes it does frustrate me to f…!

So what do we know about the Galaxy S4, not much really. We know that it gets launched on the 14th March and the rest really is speculation.

It has a reported resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels which gives it 450+ ppi, it will be longer, wider but slightly thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and slightly thicker than the iPhone 5.

It will be available in both Black and White and a few storage options with the max at the moment speculated at 64gb. The phone will be 4G ready and have all of the usual connectivity options.

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