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Parrot AR Drone 2.0 – Footage









[error]Still can’t wait for the battery to charge…[/error]

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is still just as amazing today as it was when I first got it out of the box back in January, since my purchase I have managed to order myself 2 extra batteries. One battery is not long enough and when flying outside in the cold the battery depletes much quicker.

One Sunday afternoon, I decided to load the Evoque up with the Drone and three batteries, along with the iPad Mini and my iPhone. We headed down to a local country park called Elvaston Castle. It such a beautiful place but the local council has let it get quite run down and as far as I can see, they seem to be trying to off load it to private investors.

The place is ideal to take this little beauty. Acres of land and an avenue of trees leading up to the castle. I have been here previously with the Drone and thought I would have some amazing footage on either the installed USB or via the WiFi connection to my iPhone/iPad, I didn’t press record!

Before I left the house, I updated the apps on both my iPad and my iPhone, small mistake as there had been a bug in the latest software on the iPad version of Drone Control. So the iPhone would have to be used, the latest update included an option to record when taking off! Sorted!

I left all of the controls more or less on default, the only thing I adjusted was the height restriction. I wanted to get up and above the castle if I dared to.

The Parrot took off and hovered just above the ground, the controls were in easy. Left hand side you touch the screen with your finger, tilt the iPhone forward to go forwards, and backwards to go back. Tilting the phone left makes the Drone slide left and vice versa. The right hand stick you need to use your finger to operate the control, up takes the drone up and the left and right stick turns the device into the direction you want it to go.

It can get quite confusing knowing which way the thing is pointing, deep in the settings you can change the flashing LED’s to help you see which is the front and which is the rear. I took the Drone up and down the aveneue a couple of times before heading for the castle, 7 minutes into the flight and the battery flashed up on the screen that it was dying. Time to land.

Second battery and I changed my location slightly, this time I was South of the castle over the gardens. I thought an aerial view would look fantastic using the drone and the kids running around the gardens loved watching me (attempt) to fly it gracefully over the small hedge rows and bushes. I briefly landed it so I could break for a cuppa at the cafe.

The nice thing is that because the Drone is mainly polystyrene its pretty light to carry around, if a little delicate due to the four plastic propellers. Careful handling is required, but the nice thing about the gadget is that fact that you can just about get every useable part for the drone from off their website and eBay.

Heading back to the car we thought we would use the last battery on the big playing field near the car park. I was feeling brave and took the controls to the preset 7! Didn’t really know what this did but it gave me much more control and a clever function that meant what ever way I was standing forward was always forward.

This meant that I could circle 360 and the drone could literally be pinned to my face without losing me on the screen, very clever.

I took more of the restrictions off and increased things like angles, vertical speed. I also turned the flip function on to play with that. This is where things went slightly wrong.

The parrot flew across the field literally and I was swinging it all over the place, left, right, up, down, flipping the thing diagonally and then I gave it a little to much angle and the Drone cut out and dropped upside down to the floor in a puddle.

I ran for my life across the very wet and boggy grass, messing my beautiful Reebok Mclaren trainers up! Reaching the drone eventually, with the camera still transmitting to my iPhone.

Luckily all was ok, except for a slightly muddy rotor. I turned it the right way up and hit the take off button for the last 5 minutes of flight.





This thing is so easy to fly and the price may put many of you off but the hours of fun and laughter you will get from it is so worth it. Keep and eye out as we will be posting more videos of the footage to YouTube and this website.



[info]Additional Information…[/info]

I ordered this Parrot AR Drone 2.0 from the Apple Store and it was delivered within 2 days, you can purchase it from elsewhere. There are so many app’s that you can use with this gadget as the software is open source. There is now even an Android app. Wifi coverage is limited but the drone will stop and correct itself if you lose signal.


[alert]What Would Go Well With It…[/alert]

The iPhone 5 is a worthy companion but if you can use the iPad or iPad Mini with it. This device does take USB sticks but I am yet to find one that is compatible. Many forums show that quite a few people are having a few problems.

You can control the Parrot by using a controller plugged into your iPhone and a third party app. I am yet to try and buy this accessory for it.

And of course! Get yourself some extra batteries, as the 7 minutes on the standard supplied unit just ain’t long enough! Happy Flying Everyone