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About Gadget Geek Boy

Gadget Geek Boy was set up by Rhys Adams, with the recommendation of Laura Etheridge of From Geek to Chic. Rhys buys lots of Gadgets and Gifts, with most of the latest tech coming from the Apple brand.

He is also lucky enough to get to test drive some of the latest cars on the road from all of the major manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Then using this blog he writes reviews and lets the readers know all about the products. The majority of the products are purchased by himself, some are sent via the manufacturers or retailers for Rhys to review.

The website is funded by adverts and affiliates, and we would be grateful if you could support this website by using these adverts to buy your tech.

If you are interested in Rhys reviewing a product, please contact him via the Contact Us page.